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Join Trellis Gardeen and Horatio Zinn in their quest to keep eating and drinking for free at Millyways by interviewing the various beings dining there. Trellis discovered an error in the Guide’s reimbursement submission system and as long as an entertainment receipt is submitted with a Guide entry the reimbursement is automatically approved!

So it’s life in the buffet-lane as long as they can keep talking diners into joining them in booth 42.

Improv in Action

Hitchhikers and Appetizers is an improv podcast based on the world building of Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, created by Mike Gorgone and Bran Peacock.

Every Monday at 6:00 PM PST/PDT there's a listening party of a previous episode streamed at


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]

Season 5[]

  • HA! S5E1 - Blammmo, Did You Have To Let It Linger
  • HA! S5E2 - The Faces of Jude
  • HA! S5E3 - Biscuit, The Peaceful Warrior Squidgeling
  • HA! S5E4 - Delphine, The (Former) Prime Excelsior
  • HA! S5E5 – Yelraf Cram The Gift (Shop) That Keeps Giving
  • HA! S5E6 - Jarblatt Cackle The Perfidious
  • HA! S5E7 - Millicent Is The Nurse
  • HA! S5E8 - Bucket Is A Gooood Guest
  • HA! S5E9 - The Return Of Martia Larts With Special Guest Weigh Newton
  • HA! S5E10 - Penhaligon Rutherfordium: Finder Of Unique Things
  • HA! S5E11 - Queen Oncona Vs. The Radical Radishes
  • HA! S5E12 - Ffeeee Loves That Squaggs is Treedorable
  • HA! S5E13 - Paula Henh Of Carfax
  • HA! S5E14 - Absorbing Cally
  • HA! S5E15 - Zandor and His Hairy Briefs!
  • HA! S5E16 - Peter, Best Of The Managers
  • HA! S5E17 - Rosa 1stInSpace Is Number One!
  • HA! S5E18 - Talkin’ Bout Shoo Shoo
  • HA! S5E19 - Barry Steeplechase’s Meter Is Running
  • HA! S5E20 - Return To Zinnder!

Season 6[]

  • HA! S6E1 - Barf A La Mew & Mankerson Tryst
  • HA! S6E2 - With Glenda From Lovezerp
  • HA! S6E3 - Nib, Vassal Of Mogoth
  • HA! S6E4 - A Not So Foregone Conclusion With JohnQuavius Dinglebottom
  • HA! S6E5 - Mothers Dayzed With Glanda And Eloise
  • HA! S6E6 - Space Truckin’ With Chet
  • HA! S6E7 - Audromitron and Passiva Parsley
  • HA! S6E8 - Pippa And Lyfthox Will Gitcha There
  • HA! S6E9 - Desperately Seekering Sentinel 6
  • HA! S6E10 - X-AE A-12 Of Dopple II
  • HA! S6E11 - Smoove Sailing With Crom Bracho
  • HA! S6E12 - Happy Hanksgiving
  • HA! S6E13 - Ampersand Is Slippery When Wet
  • HA! S6E14 - We Alllll Goood Because Glorpston Loves Wizard Thompson!
  • HA! S6E15 - Evaluating Evil With Sin Ester
  • HA! S6E16 - Carl The Living Planet
  • HA! S6E17 - The Haaahmurr Is In The The Bag For Chrysal Pvereido
  • HA! S6E18 - Trudith “Trudy” Frutti
  • HA! S6E19 - The Ears Have It For Casecal Calcase
  • HA! S6E20 - Gene Otho: Have Tube Will Travel… To Space
  • HA! S6E21 - God… Is?
  • HA! S6E22 - Representing The Lollipop Guild
  • HA! S6E23 - Gotta Fly Now With Eagle Eazee
  • HA! S6E24 - Throbbing For Love With Jyrell and RO1
  • HA! S6E25 - A Ripple Just In Time
  • HA! S6E26 - Mixing It Up With Yillb TtirreM
  • HA! S6E27 - It’s A Trap! (maybe) For Gingko Biloba
  • HA! S6E28 - Coreee From The Crab Nebula
  • HA! S6E29 - 46B2G: Permission Granted
  • HA! S6E30 - Matchmaker Matchmaker…You’ve Got Your Work Cut Out For You
  • HA! S6E31 - Regular, Creamy, or Aldente Pomo
  • HA! S6E32 - The “Happiest Place In The Universe”…or Not
  • HA! S6E33 - The Adventures Of Nell!
  • HA! S6E34 - Jeffrey Jefferson Sees You
  • HA! S6E35 - Scootylou, At The Edge Of Seventeen
  • HA! S6E36 - Scribbling Rivalry
  • HA! S6E37 - How You Lycan Us Now!
  • HA! S6E38 - Fecal Matters To Marcus Mucus
  • HA! S6E39 -
  • HA! S6E40 -
  • HA! S6E41 -
  • HA! S6E42 - Crossing the Zinnish Line

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  • Producers: Mike Gorgone & Bran Peacock
  • Post-Production Coordination: Mike Gorgone & Bran Peacock
  • Editor: Mike Gorgone
  • HA! Logo: Mike Gorgone
  • Music: "Ben Sound Actionable" and "Ben Sound Sexy" from


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