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Horatio Zinn is the co-host of the Hitchhikers and Appetizers podcast, played by Bran Peacock. Horatio co-hosts with Trellis Gardeen, played by Mike Gorgone.

Horatio is from Skenectikus, a planet known for bad planning and disorganization. There is no one correct way to spell the planet’s name.

He is a correspondent for the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy.

At one point, Horatio was in a band called Purity (S2E14?) which won the Battle For The Worst Band in the universe.

Horatio owns a duffel bag full of convenient items.

Horatio is the lunchbox to Trellis' thermos. (HA! S2E4 - A Lunchbox For Sessil Smabe)