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Episode Description[]

Want to know what Calvin and Hobbes are like in real life? Chris, Viola, and Gus travel to level 65 and meet Thomas the Eternal who can see all of time and space.

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Episode Summary[]

On a rainy day, Chris is crying because a child he babysat told him Hobbes the tiger, of Calvin & Hobbes, isn't a real tiger. Viola, who is distracted, attempts to avoid him. Gus suggests visiting the real Hobbes, who is a shape-shifting tiger than can shift between a tiger and stuffed animal, and Calvin. Viola, in a half-hearted attempt to make Chris feel better, makes two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and gives one to Chris, which he puts in his back pocket.

They take the farmhouse elevator to Level 65, where Gus introduces Viola and Chris to Thomas, who can see all of time and space. Thomas shares his number one rule, no sandwiches, so Viola quickly eats hers. Chris says a good jelly consistency helps to wash peanut butter down, or milk. Thomas doesn't recommend lactose before travelling through space.

Thomas gives a tour of Level 65. There is a control panel on a desk with a button and a sign affixed, stating "Do not touch with jelly fingers", and two doors -- a left one and a right one. Both doors have doorknobs, and the right door Thomas calls "the good door". There's also a window with a sun, but not "the" sun, behind it shining light in. Thomas sometimes goes through the doors, but doesn't go to the farmhouse or other levels.

Gus asks Thomas to dial in Planet 38654.2. Meanwhile, Pop, Gus' cat who was in Chris' pocket and likes jelly sandwiches, shows up. They all look through the window, which formerly was showing a sun, and see a stuffed animal tiger. Once a child shows up, Gus says, it will turn into a real tiger. If no children are present, the whole planet is just stuffed animals.

Chris really wants to go through the left door. Thomas says only he (Thomas) is allowed through. When on Level 65, Thomas is a GPS that points people in a direction, or else going through the left door leads to a void where no one is sure what happens, but no one would come out. Gus casually mentions that no one that has gone in has come out, except Thomas.

Viola asks if travelling through time is possible or if there's alternate universes with other Violas, which Thomas confirms is theoretically the case. The closest parallel Earth Thomas has found is Blearth, which is "like Earth... but Blearth", per Thomas. Gus calls it a "slightly fatter earth". Thomas notes it has a Bliola, Bliss, and Blus. Viola and Chris really want to meet Bliss.

Viola realizes why Thomas is a secret -- if the government knew about him, it'd have access to all of Time and Space and would be the most powerful organization in the universe, or multiverse as Chris points out. Gus says everything the government gets its hands on it uses to kill people, to which Viola asks "like LaCroix?". Gus brings up Planet LaCroix, the source of the beverage.

Thomas explains that travelling through time and space has profound effects. He looks and thinks differently every time he travels.

Viola now really wants to see another version of Gus, stating that theirs is a "bad one" and implying a good one would be nice. Thomas calls this Gus "pretty good", at least relatively speaking, and he and Viola make a vague reference to the "killing" in Gus' past.

Pop hops onto the control panel and enters the right door. Thomas quickly attempts to grab her and instead grabs a tiger, which Chris is immediately fond of. Chris uses his powers and creates a bubble around the tiger, allowing Thomas to return it to Planet 38654.2, where Thomas then actually gets Pop back.

Chris fiddles with the control panel and the window then shows Blearth. Gus explains, in a huddle, to Viola and Chris that the control panel and button do nothing and Thomas' will dials the right door and window to the intended destination. This also means accidentally dialing cannot occur, hence Thomas wanted them to go to Blearth and Chris using the panel did nothing.

Blearth is similar to Earth, except the USA has 51 states -- Arkansas has seceded and split in half, with the 51st state named Marty.

They open the right door to enter the Blearth farmhouse, which has a Blomas on Blevel Blixty-five, who also has the powers of a GPS of the multiverse, like Thomas. Gus points out that there aren't infinite Thomases and Blomases, but only seven. Yet all are Thomas, Thomas points out.

The Blearth farmhouse has a slightly different wallpaper pattern than Earth's -- instead of diamonds, bliamonds. Viola wants to see Blus' bedroom, or "bledroom" (pronounced "bloodroom"), until she hears the name. Viola is getting overwhelmed, and Thomas shares that this is the third time she's visited Blearth -- but she doesn't know that because she hasn't done it yet, but has. They decide to leave and Viola -- who Thomas says has but hasn't consumed milk (after her sandwich) -- throws up.

Chris points out that the Blearth farmhouse looked trashed. Gus explains that on Blearth people knew where Blus was, and trashed ("blashed") the farmhouse. Viola questions if they are in danger on Earth, then. Gus reveals, at a high level, that he's done atrocious things in the past, aligned himself with the government for the wrong reasons, and mucked up being a superhero leading to retirement. He feels the farmhouse is safe because people don't know there's a rift in time and space, nor an interdimensional being that's eaten its way down to the core of the earth creating all the levels and continuing to eat.

Gus then seriously tells Viola that testing is complete, and telling her the results might lead to her leaving. Gus wanted Viola to be a superhero not only because he wanted her around, but to protect time and space (via protecting the farmhouse) when Gus is gone. If not her, Chris. Gus is telling Viola this now, knowing she might not want to take up the role, and will want to continue her life as a singer. Viola doesn't consider herself a superhero, and shares that she's killed people due to her powers and is haunted by it, and doesn't feel she can replace -- in fact, become -- Gus. Gus reveals Viola accidentally killed people because her powers are tied to her singing, and if she sings without using some of her power, it suddenly lets loose on its own planetwide, amplifying emotions people are currently experiencing. To negate this, Gus tells her to use a little power every day, such as making a child or even cat feel a bit happier while singing a small song.

Viola takes attention off herself by pointing out Chris removed his shirt. Chris saw Bliss, who waved at him. Bliss looked angry.

Gus gives Viola a device that will dial into the portal on Level 65, and let her return home whenever she wants, from wherever she decides to go. Viola leaves for her bedroom.

Chris admits that he was sad (at the beginning of the episode) because he was thinking about his absent father, who his mother implied was hero. She also gave Chris his wallet, which had a Hero's League emblem on it, although they were easily available for purchase. Gus reveals he is Chris' father. Chris becomes overwhelmed and his powers start to go out of control, slightly hurting himself and Gus via shocks. He angrily asks why Gus didn't tell him before. Gus explains that Chris might have been taken away, like Chris' brother Danny was -- who Chris thought was dead until this point.

Chris' pain increases until he falls unconscious. Thomas and Gus share a moment, and it's revealed that Danny is behind the left door.

Episode info[]

  • Released: September 7th, 2018
  • Runtime: 36:30


  • Blearth - a planet that evolved closely in parallel with Earth, with some differences
  • Planet 38654.2 - contains anthropomorphized animals that can turn into stuffed animals
  • Planet LaCroix - the source of LaCroix