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Blearth is pretty much like Earth buy everything is a little bit different. There are 51 states; Arkansas has seceded and split in half. The new 51st ctate is called "Marty".

Thomas, Gus S1E12

Thomas the Eternal info card

Thomas the Eternal is a being that can see all of time and space in the Your Secret's Safe With Gus and Hitchhikers and Appetizers universes. He is portrayed by Justin Blackman in season 1 of Your Secret's Safe With Gus and by Michael J. Astrauskas in HA! S2E14 - Here And Now, For Now, with Thomas The Eternal of Hitchhikers and Appetizers.

Thomas tends to stay on Level 65 on the Farmhouse. Thomas' number one rule is no sandwiches on Level 65.

Gus and Thomas crossed paths at some point during Gus' childhood, and again during Gus' adulthood as a superhero.

Part of Thomas' duty on Level 65 is ensuring jelly doesn't end up on the controls.

When being interviewed by Trellis Gardeen and Horatio Zinn, Thomas briefly takes the two out of familiar Booth 42 in Milliways.


  • Thomas relates best to creatures from planets that are low in carbon and high on a party lifestyle.


  • Knowledge of all time and space - Thomas is aware of distant locations, parallel universes, and both the future and past. He is a "GPS" that can create portals (at least in the doorways on Level 65) to other places.